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Asian Family playing together

Supporting South-east and East Asian Families

Peel CAS is working towards strengthening our relationship with the Southeast and East Asian community.


Service Model

Efforts are underway to establish a service model that will address the unique needs of the Southeast and East Asian community, as well as demystify any misconceptions the community may have about Peel CAS. 


This wraparound model will help our clients of Asian descent access culturally appropriate resources and services. This will support these individuals and families in achieving their goals, and navigating multiple service systems.


Engagement and Education

Peel CAS is taking steps to reach out to the Southeast and East Asian communities in Peel to help them understand our services and to build partnerships with community organizations that provide services to Asian families, children, and youth.


We are pleased to have increased engagement with Chinese community by providing Duty to Report and About Peel CAS presentations with Mandarin translation. We have also surveyed our staff about their learning needs when working with Asian families in preparation for future training opportunities.


Our plans for the near future include hosting a focus group of community partners and services providers who support children, youth and families of Southeast and East Asian descent, and conducting a community survey to learn about perceptions of Peel CAS services.


Kindred S.E.E.A.

Kindred S.E.E.A (South East and East Asia) is an internal ethno-cultural committee comprised of Peel CAS staff of Southeast and East Asian descent as well as staff who connect with and appreciate Asian cultures. This committee includes members of diverse Asian backgrounds that include Chinese, Korean, Filipino, and Vietnamese. Its goal is to educate Peel CAS staff about diversity within the Asian community, and to build awareness about the similarities and differences in traditions and practices.