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Muslim Family

Cultural Competency

Peel CAS is pleased to be building strong working relationships with the many diverse communities in Peel Region. We are engaged in ongoing collaborations with an array of community partners, who are working with us to develop culturally sensitive service models like Saath and Akoma.


These partnerships help to equip our staff with valuable information, resources and trainings, which helps them to support our families. Through understanding their different religious and cultural backgrounds, we can provide more sensitive and appropriate assistance to families, and work together to build a better future for the children and youth we serve.


Multilingual Services

According to the 2016 Census, 51.5% of residents are immigrants, and 39% speak a language other than English at home. Peel CAS staff speak many different languages, and we offer parenting information documents in several of the major languages spoken in Peel. We also partner with several community organizations, which help us to provide more culturally sensitive services.


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