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Supporting Arab Families


Peel CAS is expanding its culturally responsive service models to better meet the needs of our region's diverse communities. Ma'an, which means "together" in Arabic, is a partnership between Peel CAS and Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services (PICS) to serve the Arabic community in Peel. Ma’an launched in Spring 2021 with the goal of providing culturally appropriate services to Arabic children, youth and families.


The Arabic community is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, and in Peel. Four Arabic countries are in the top 10 countries of birth for recent immigrants in our region. It is important for our services to address the unique needs of this growing community. The Ma’an project will help us better serve Arabic residents and help ensure that children and youth of Arabic background are able to remain with their families as much as possible.


The Ma’an project team consulted with focus groups, community agencies, and community members, as well as staff from Peel CAS and PICS, to ask how we could best support the Arab community. This feedback was incorporated into the Ma’an service model, to provide culturally competent services and support to our Arab families, children and youth, with improved access to employment, housing, education, parenting, and mental health services. 


The Ma'an Project, and others like it, are important components of the agency's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. By working in partnership with our region's diverse communities, we can strengthen relationships, raise awareness, and dispel myths related to child welfare, while providing better service to the children, youth and families we work with.


Upcoming Events: Arabic Parenting Program


As we continue to develop strategies to meet the needs of our Arab families, we are very excited to  launch a pilot Arabic Parenting Program! The program consists of five virtual parenting sessions, delivered weekly from November 3rd to December 1st at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.


The topics were selected to address the particular challenges identified by the Arab families that we are working with. Sessions will be conducted in Arabic, virtually via Zoom. Please click the links below to register for each session. A course description is available in Arabic at the registration link.


Cultural differences and Positive Parenting 
Ghada Al Mojarkash (Family Counsellor)

Nov 3, 2021  

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Mindful Parenting
Hala Lakkis (Parent Coach)          

Nov 10, 2021 

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About Us -Peel CAS Presentation
Zeina Adra (Executive Coordinator, Peel CAS)

Nov 17, 2021     

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Emotional Management for Healthier Parenting
Sally Ghazal (Psychotherapist)  

Nov 24, 2021     

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The Impact of Family Relationship Conflicts and Domestic Violence on Children
Dr. Yamam Abuzinadah (Mental Health Counsellor)         

Dec 1, 2021        

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For more information on these parenting workshops, please contact or call 647-551-6200.