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Peel CAS and Partners Share Regional Response to Human Trafficking with an International Audience

Oct 4, 2023, 16:33 PM

On September 21, Arathi Packiyanathan and Alicia Boothe of Peel Children’s Aid Society joined Samantha MacNeill of the Region of Peel and Constable Joy Brown from Peel Police to present at the International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference. Their session was titled “Partnership Works: A Regional Response to Sex Trafficking.”


In 2015, community partners came together to establish the Peel Human Trafficking Service Providers Committee, chaired by Brown. The committee is a unique coming-together of over 40 members spanning sectors from social services to employment. As a member of the Committee, Peel CAS has been involved in many recent initiatives within Peel Region such as:


- The development and implementation of a SAFE house

- A Human Trafficking Service Navigation Hub

- The Region of Peel Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy

- Community education and participation in various campaigns within the community to raise awareness of issues related to Human Trafficking and how it affects those in Peel Region.


The conference was a great opportunity to learn from colleagues and present Peel’s unique, partnership-based approach to human trafficking prevention and victim/survivor support to an international audience.


Human trafficking, especially of children and youth, is a grave violation of human rights. It can rob innocent lives of their childhood, freedom, and dreams. The emotional and physical impacts left on these young victims/survivors are immeasurable. Peel CAS and our partners in Peel region are united in a common cause to end this heinous crime and protect present and future generations.


We thank Arathi, Alicia, Samantha, Joy and all members of Peel CAS’ Anti-Human Trafficking Committee and the Peel Human Trafficking Service Providers Committee for their important work to reduce victimization and support victims/survivors.