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Adoption Awareness Month

Nov 23, 2021, 13:22 PM

Every child and youth needs and deserves permanent, lifelong connections to flourish. While the primary goal of Children’s Aid Societies is to support children to live safely with their family of origin, when that is not possible, adoption is one of the options we consider to create those lifelong connections for children in care.


Children deserve a family that is a good fit for them. Finding the right adoption match for children who have come through a Children’s Aid Society often requires finding adoptive parents with the strengths and skills to deal with children who may have complex needs, siblings, and/or openness adoption arrangements with their family of origin. We are always looking for potential adoptive families who are able to provide a loving, permanent home for children and youth in these situations. Learn more About the Kids.


We have robust training and assessment requirements for adoptive parents to ensure they are the best fit for a child placed in their home, and to provide them with ongoing support with the parenting challenges they will face. 


We asked one of our adoptive families to share their experiences in honour of Adoption Awareness Month. Read their story here.


Thank you to all our adoptive families for welcoming children and youth into their lives as permanent members of their families. Adopted children and youth are more likely to graduate from secondary school, be employed and have higher incomes than those who age out of Ontario’s child welfare system. We are grateful to all our families for helping to create permanency for our children in care. 


Do you think you could provide a loving home to a child in need? Visit our Could you Adopt page for more information.