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Celebrating South Asian Heritage Month

Peel CAS is celebrating South Asian Heritage Month in May, in recognition of the vibrant South Asian community in Peel. South Asian Heritage Month offers an opportunity to learn more about the rich history of South Asian Canadians and their diverse contributions to our region, province, and country. 
During this month, all Canadians are invited to: 
  • Celebrate traditional as well as contemporary South Asian-Canadian culture, including poetry, dance, sport, music and art;
  • Understand the historical journeys and ongoing struggles of South Asian communities;
  • Recognize individual and institutional racism both past and present, that have impacted the lives of many groups; and
  • Engage with youth through lessons and discussions of prominent past events, current issues of racism and discrimination that continue to impact the many South Asian communities living in Canada and to bear witness to the resistance and resilience of such groups.
Peel CAS is committed to working with our partners in the local South Asian community, in order to provide culturally sensitive programming and services. We have recently launched a collaboration with Indus Community Services on the new SAATH program. Watch this video featuring Indus CEO Gurpreet Malhotra on the SAATH program during COVID-19
Happy South Asian Heritage Month!