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Foster parent recruitment being

As of November 2019, Mississauga MiWay buses have been running ads promoting Peel Children Aid’s need for Foster caregivers. The move is part of a larger strategy, which seeks to increase the Agency’s number of available caregivers.

Peel, like many regions across Ontario, is grappling with a shortage of foster caregivers.  The move to the Mississauga streets is an attempt by the foster recruiting team to help spread the word on the need in the Peel region. “We need families for older children, medically fragile babies, and sibling groups,” says Bobby Hussain,family placement worker. “And while we currently have a specific need, our overall goal is to have caregivers who are willing to provide a home to children of any age who are most in need of support.”

Interested in learning more? there are a couple of things you can do. You can give us a call at 905-363-6131 and speak to a family placement worker or visit our website at and fill out a fostering application form by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you.