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November is Adoption Awareness Month

All children and youth deserve to be part of a committed and loving family and develop lifelong connections. November is Adoption Awareness Month and a time to highlight the importance that loving families have on children and youth.  
In some cases, adoption is the answer to giving a child or youth a forever home. Permanent families are extremely important as they provide an adult to turn to through all of life's celebrations and challenges. They provide a safe place to come home to, and a sense of stability – which is so important to the development of a child. We are truly grateful to our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to children. 
Our agency is committed to finding permanent homes for all children and youth. Peel CAS is currently looking for adoptive families interested in children over eight years of age, children with complex needs, and siblings. We aim to match the needs of a child with the strengths of a family as well as finding a family of similar ethnic, cultural, community and religious practices.
Interested in learning more? Two good resources for Adoption include: AdoptOntario and Adopt4Life. Or call Peel CAS at 905-363-6131 ext 1819 and we'd be happy to help.