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Long service foster caregiver award Adrina & Vincent Cappello

Everyone needs a family and our foster caregivers have a lasting impact on children and youth. They help children and youth through some of the challenges that come with traumatic separation, loss and other difficulties. As role models, they contribute to helping these children and youth develop a positive outlook and create a sense of belonging. On May 17, 2018, Adrina and Vincent Cappello received a Peel Children’s Aid long service award for 35 years of foster caregiving. Please read their inspiring profile below.


Adrina and Vincent Cappello

Recently retired, Adrina and Vince’s commitment to children and youth had no barriers. During their time as foster caregivers, the Cappellos provided a loving home to teenage girls, and frequently received youth in crisis at all hours of the night. They supported the social and emotional development of all girls placed with them, with unconditional acceptance and nurturing.

Adrina and Vince’s warmth, structure and routine helped them stabilize many children’s very chaotic lives. Youth felt safe and secure in their home. Adrina enjoyed spending time with each girl, whether it be cooking together, watching movies or teaching important life skills. She helped the girls develop social skills, improve their self-esteem and gain self-respect through positive role modeling and mentoring. In 2005, the Cappellos were recipients of Peel CAS’s Honour Roll award to acknowledge their exceptional contribution to youth in our community.

Thank you Adrina and Vincent, for dedicating 35 years to supporting our youth and building strong relationships to last a lifetime.